JavaScript, like you’ve never seen it before.

Hey there!

I'm Dan Abramov.

During my first few years of using JavaScript, I felt like a fraud.

Even though I could build websites with frameworks, something was missing. I dreaded JavaScript job interviews because I didn't have a solid grasp on fundamentals.

The existing courses never felt quite right.

Some of them are visual and easy to follow, but sacrifice too many important nuances. Others were more thorough, but I couldn't get through them without falling asleep because they are tedious and boring.

They just don't work for me.

What if there were an online course that could better prepare you to understand JavaScript, but wasn't a grueling march to get through?

Just JavaScript is that course.

The one I wish I had.

If you already know at least the basics of JS, Just JavaScript will help you feel more confident in your knowledge as a developer.

Just JavaScript is my distilled mental model of how JavaScript works and a collaboration with Maggie Appleton.

Her visual story telling skills will help further our understanding, give us a frame of reference, and provide clarity to these mental models.

We want to share that clarity with you.

Just JavaScript is a work in progress that exists as a series of free emails.

Over time these emails will evolve into an in-depth, interactive, fun, multimedia course that explains these powerful mental models for programming with JavaScript.

And you can help...

I will send you drafts of Just JavaScript directly to your inbox for free.

There's no editing.

No polish.

It's more like a conversation we would have together over a cup of coffee.

By subscribing to updates I will add you to my email list and send a sequence of emails describing my JavaScript mental models. This will eventually be a paid course, but you can unsubscribe at any time.

For now it is completely free.

All I ask is that you reply to the emails and share your opinions and experience.

Let me know if these models resonate with you. Tell me how you think about JavaScript.

This email list is the only way to access Just JavaScript. They won't be published here or elsewhere on the web.

Please don't share them.

These ideas are raw and fragile, and for now I'm not ready to share them widely just yet.

Learn my JavaScript Mental Models

I want to hear from you.

When you receive my drafts by email, please hit the Reply button and tell me if you love them, hate them, or if they leave you indifferent.

You will help motivate me to finish this project!!